What’s Considered an Old Roof in Florida? Residential Roofing

What’s Considered an Old Roof in Florida?

Florida has some of the most extensive and complex roof insurance regulations in the United States. Roofing laws aren’t the same throughout the state, as areas most at risk of hurricane damage have established regulations that consider this threat. That makes it difficult to form an accurate picture of the situation. In this article, we take a look at what is considered an old roof in Florida and everything you need to know about how the age of your roof can affect your home insurance coverage.

What’s Considered an Old Roof in Florida?

Home buyers and homeowners who are considering selling may ask themselves what they need to know about the roofing laws in Florida. What’s considered an old roof in the state, and how will the age of a roof affect your insurance coverage (and ability to get a mortgage)?

What’s Considered an Old Roof in Florida? A Quick Answer

It’s difficult to get a home insurance policy on any property with a roof older than 20 years. You’re starting to wade into the danger zone once your roof’s lifespan reaches about 15 years.

Florida homeowners who are hoping to sell should strongly consider having any roof that is older than 20 years replaced before they put the property on the market. Potential buyers will be looking out for properties with new roofs to secure a home insurance policy. If you’re a buyer, you should look for a property with a newer roof as well.

How the Age of a Roof Affects Home Insurance in Florida

If you’re even interested in buying a home in Florida, it’s almost impossible that you haven’t already heard rumblings about trouble with homeowners insurance in the state. Major home insurance carriers have left the state, home insurance policies have skyrocketed in price, and it’s hard to get coverage. Most of this can be attributed directly to roof-related issues, specifically hurricane damage.

Each insurance company sets its own rules regarding the age of the roofs they are willing to cover under home insurance policies. Therefore, every homeowner and potential buyer should check what the individual insurer they are covered by (or may be covered by in the future) has to say about what’s considered an old roof in Florida.

However, the complex nature of the home insurance market means that the state-run insurance provider of last resort, Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, is now the largest home insurance provider in the state.

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation: What to Know

As a state-run provider, Citizens Property has different rules than most private insurance companies.

You’ll have trouble getting a roof older than 20 years insured by providers besides Citizens Property. Citizens Property operates differently:

  • Citizens Property considers a standard or architectural shingle roof old if it has been in place for 25 years or longer.
  • The insurer considers slate, tile, clay, metal, or concrete roofs old if they have been in place for 50 years or longer.

In these cases, the insurance provider requires that a licensed inspector assess the state of the roof before providing home insurance coverage. This inspector must determine that the roof has a functional lifespan of at least three years from the date of the inspection, which looks at water damage, overall quality, and even the shape of the roof.

Buyers should keep in mind that they are highly unlikely to get coverage with anyone but Citizens Property in these cases and homeowners may consider having their roof replaced before selling it.

Should You Buy a Home with an Old Roof in Florida?

Potential buyers looking for homes in Florida may consider buying a property with a roof nearing its insurable lifespan if they don’t mind the hassle of having a new roof installed soon after their purchase and are looking for a good deal.

Buyers who would like to keep their options open (rather than being stuck with Citizens Property as their only home insurance provider choice) should consider any roof older than 15 years as being old and potentially difficult to insure.

Should You Have Your Roof Replaced Before Selling Your Home?

A roof replacement is a significant investment, but it can make selling your home much easier. If the roof is older than 20 years, having it replaced before putting the property on the market is typically a financially-sound decision for homeowners in Florida.

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