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Residential Roofing West Palm Beach, FL

At Castilla Roofing, we take pride in delivering high-quality roofing services to homeowners in our community. Your roof is an essential part of your home, protecting it from the elements and providing a comfortable living space. When choosing a type of roof for your home, it is essential to work with a reputable, West Palm Beach roofing contractor who can guide you through the process and help you select the right materials for your needs.

We understand that roofs in West Palm Beach, Florida are prone to high winds, so we offer roofing systems that can withstand severe weather conditions. We have also worked on several roof replacement projects, helping homeowners replace old and worn-out roofing systems or roofs that have been affected by storm damage with new, high-quality roofing materials.

Our experienced roofing contractors in West Palm Beach, FL are committed to delivering exceptional customer service and workmanship on every residential roofing project we undertake. Whether you need a new roofing system installed, a roof repair, or any other type of residential roofing service in West Palm Beach, FL, we are here to help you.

Commercial Roofing West Palm Beach, FL

As a leading commercial roofing contractor in West Palm Beach, FL, we are proud to have completed several successful commercial roofing projects using a variety of roofing materials and systems to meet the unique needs of our clients. We are an experienced West Palm Beach, FL commercial roofing company dedicated to delivering high-quality workmanship and exceptional customer service to every client we serve.

Castilla Roofing is committed to using energy-efficient and eco-friendly commercial roofing materials to help building owners reduce their energy costs and minimize their impact on the environment.

We offer a variety of commercial roofing systems to meet the unique needs of our clients. Talk with one of our experienced commercial roofing contractors today to learn more about our West Palm Beach, FL commercial roofing services and how we can help you with your next roofing project.

Roof Replacement West Palm Beach, FL

Are you looking to replace your roof? To begin, get an idea of what type of roofing material you are looking for. We like to keep it simple around here, but we also choose to provide our customers with countless new roof options.

As your go-to roofing contractors in West Palm Beach, FL, we help you consider elements like the local climate, the durability of materials, and a roof’s overall design to ensure you get the best roof for your budget and preferences.

We specialize in complete tear-offs and re-roofs and have built a reputation of quality and efficiency. We can install a new roof on any structure!

Roof Maintenance & Repairs West Palm Beach, FL

Castilla Roofing’s 100% customer satisfaction guarantee isn’t just our promise…it’s what this company was built on, and you can absolutely depend on it! From minor repairs to emergency repairs, we are your go-to roofing contractors in the West Palm Beach, FL area.

Roof leaks can be caused by many different things. Storm damage from hail, tree damage from falling limbs, damage by people walking on your roof, old worn out shingles, cracked and sun damaged shingles…the list goes on and on.

During a roof repair, it is necessary to look for any other signs of roof damage that could lead to additional problems. If leaks are not addressed, the structure of your home may be weakened as the building frame continues to be exposed to the elements.

Roof Inspections West Palm Beach, FL

Living in Florida comes with unique challenges for your roof due to extreme weather conditions, high humidity, and aging roofs. Regular roof inspections in West Palm Beach, Florida are critical to assess and address any issues early on, preventing further damage and costly repairs.

Harsh weather events like thunderstorms and hurricanes can cause significant damage to roofs, while the hot and humid climate can lead to moss, algae, and mold growth. Insurance requirements may also mandate regular roof inspections to maintain coverage.

Investing in regular roof inspections can save you money in the long run by extending the lifespan of your roof and preventing minor issues from escalating into major problems. Consulting with a qualified roofing contractor in West Palm Beach, FL is recommended to ensure your roof is in good condition and adequately protected.

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Customer Reviews

“We went with Castilla Roofing for several reasons. The first being that they are the ONLY company that did not ask for our Ins.. Second, they actually looked at our roof before giving us a quote. Third, they sat down with us and explained what we should expect. Once we received their bid that was the actual bid, NO SURPRISES! The workers came to our home and were very courteous, respectful, and hard workers. At the end of the roof install they did a great job with clean up. Would we ever hire them again? ABSOLUTELY. Would we recommend them to a friend? ABSOLUTELY!!!” – Kim H.

“Hurricane Irma caused substantial damage to the home owned by our family on Marco Island. The hurricane removed a section of our metal roof, and the water intrusion was significant and the interior damage was major. Castilla Roofing was incredible. A few days after the hurricane, although they were swamped with repairs needing to be done, they assessed the damage at the home, invited us to tour their offices and facilities (most impressive), and helped us appreciate what was needed to repair the damage and reroof the house. Freddy was our primary contact, and we were treated like family….he immediately replied to our phone messages, texts and emails throughout. Shortly thereafter, Castilla Roofing sealed and dried-in the roof, preventing further water intrusion and protecting the interior of the house so that interior repairs could begin. Subsequently, Castilla Roofing installed a new standing seam metal (aluminum) roof which looks great….and they cleaned-up beautifully upon completion of the work. Their service was professional and outstanding. We feel very fortunate to have chosen Castilla Roofing.” – M. Splitter

“I would highly recommend Castilla Roofing. From the start Esteban was extremely helpful, walking me through the whole process and letting me know what to expect. During the job the men on the field were extremely polite; at the end of each day it was as if they were never here. Thank you Castilla roofing for making my experience worry free, and for making my roof strong and beautiful again.” – Maria R. 

“This company is THE BEST. Wonderful salesperson Aaron Hitzing. Promises made. Promises kept. Hard working crew. All messes cleaned up. Couldn’t tell they were on the property. Kudos to Castilla Roofing. God bless you.” – Linda D. 

“Castilla Roofing replaced our roof. They did an outstanding job. Quality and price can not be matched by anyone els. Freddie, our project manager, was on top of it all the time and communicated with us well.” – Cathy C. 

“Best Roofing company in town! Professional team that helped us out with our roofing problems. They sat down with us and went over everything that we were going to expect from the repairs. The workers were hard working and they cleaned up after themselves when the job was done. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this company if you want to have the best customer service in town and the job done right the first time!” – Dan B. 

“Our condo complex was in discussions with Castilla Roofing shortly before hurricane Irma. We agreed to go forward just before the storm hit. Despite the huge increase in demand for roofing work following the storm and ensuing chaos in the market, Castilla stood by its pre-Irma quote and delivered a high quality product in a timely fashion. Would recommend them highly.” – Steve S. 

“Castilla roofing truly exceeded my expectations. Esteban helped turn what could have been a headache of an experience in a quick and easy process of getting my roof fixed. Castilla roofing delivered on quality and value when it came to repairing my roof. I would recommend them to anyone.” – Cathy M.


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