Should you tarp a roof before a hurricane?

Should You Tarp a Roof Before a Hurricane?

Hurricane season can be scary, and statistics have shown that it might be one of the most dangerous times of the year if you are unprepared for what lies ahead. Hurricane preparation is something you’ll get used to after a while, but may still have questions about. For example, what are the benefits of putting a tarp on the roof before a hurricane, and how do you know you’re doing it right?

Should You Tarp a Roof Before a Hurricane?

Here’s your guide to why you should tarp your roof before a hurricane tarp, and how to do the best possible job for the safety of your roof.

So, should you tarp your roof before a hurricane? The short answer: yes.

Putting a tarp on your roof is one of the important steps you should take before hurricane or storm season because the tarp adds an extra protective layer to your roof.

In the event of debris adding pressure, the tarp is there to stop the pressure from tearing through and causing further damage. A tarp can also prevent small impacts from causing additional damage to your roof.

When is “Before the Hurricane”?

If you’re new to Florida or other areas with heightened hurricane activity, one of the recommended steps you should take is to follow daily weather reports and specialist websites like Hurricane Watch (NOAA).

There are always signs before a hurricane is about to occur. You are both wiser and better able to protect your roof and home if you’re able to start your hurricane preparation at the right time of the year.

Sites like Hurricane Watch can make sure you’re forewarned before – and it might be what saves your life or roof.

How-To Guides: How to Tarp a Roof

If you’ve never dealt with tarping a roof before, there are many how-to guides that can walk even the least experienced DIY-er through it.

Video guides are one of the best ways to get the hang of it.

As long as you follow basic safety measures, the job takes just a few hours to cover your roof deck Affixed properly, it should last through a strong storm.

This simple guide to roof tarping, ‘How to Tarp a Roof’ from Lowe’s Home Improvement teaches the basics in just a few minutes.

If this is your first time tarping a roof, it is typically best to get in touch with a roofing professional.

Professional Help: Roofing Contractors

If you do not have experience putting a tarp on your roof or if you are unable, a local roofing company can help. If this is your first roofing job, it helps to have an expert take over. Remember, it’s cheaper to hire an expert than make an emergency room trip for an injury or pay for roof repairs from improperly securing the tarp on your roof.

Help from a professional roofer guarantees a quick job, and takes care of the worry that most newcomers have of not doing it properly.

Preparing for Hurricane Season

When hurricane season is on the way, preparing a tarp for your roof is one of the most important protective measures that you can take. Without the tarp, your roof is unprotected against the elements — and harsh weather conditions like a hurricane can easily turn into an expensive insurance claim or accident.

A properly installed tarp provides added protection against the worst forces of the hurricane, which could otherwise cause serious damage.

Other preparation for hurricane season can include clearing up the gutters and debris near the roof or home.

What Are Tarps Made Of?

Tarps are made from strengthened forms of plastic material.

Usually, the most common types of tarp material used in roofing jobs are PVC, vinyl, or polyethylene. Tarps can usually be bought in large sheets, however, you will have to measure (at least more or less) the area up on your roof before making a purchase.

A tarp is created to insulate, but also to protect — and this is why the strongest materials are used in its manufacturing process.

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