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About us

Castilla Roofing has been in the industry for many years gaining the trust of clients for services we have rendered to them. We define our company through our core values – it sets us apart. We are known for having a solid management system and a customer care that remains unmatched. Superb systems and maximum client services produces excellence – that’s Castilla Roofing.

By a strong in-house system, we mean ably delivering the services you need from us with at the best cost and time. We offer solutions to your roofing problems that are relevant and are budget-friendly. When it comes to our staff-client interaction, we only have one thing in mind – satisfaction and excellence for you. We care about your concerns, too so we are willing to talk it out even before getting on with the job.

We know that your house is a sacred place so we want to keep it that way. Your house is where you make a home, rear kids, and make memories with family and friends, that’s why Castilla Roofing will not fail to give it all to make it the most comfortable place on earth.  We promise that your roof will provide the best protection for you and your family regardless of the changing weather conditions. We are your trusted partner in home-building.

Meet Our Team

Oscar Castilla
Oscar CastillaFounder
Currently Mr. Castilla serves as principal business advisor to his family oriented business.
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Juan Carlos Castilla
Juan Carlos CastillaPresident
Juan Carlos has a natural ability to lead others to work with the same ethics and values he holds.
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Ramon Castilla
Ramon CastillaVice President
Ramon is proud to maintain and support the company’s commitment to meet the needs of its customers.
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Marcelo Castilla
Marcelo CastillaMotivator
Marcelo is responsible for keeping the team happy all the time.

Freddy Jaramillo
Freddy JaramilloGeneral Manager
With over 15 years experience in the roofing industry. His responsibilities are estimating, project management, purchasing.
Ublester Duarte
Ublester DuarteField Supervisor
Ublester supervises and inspects all jobs in progress and he makes sure that all jobs are completed according to specifications.
Michelle Barrera
Michelle BarreraOffice Coordinator
Michelle is responsible for general office and clerical duties. Customer service is a priority, and she is the first point of contact.
Daniel Portella
Daniel PortellaTITLE
Italo Sanguinetti
Italo SanguinettiTITLE
Juan Rivero
Juan RiveroTITLE
Rachel Duarte
Rachel DuarteTITLE
Sydni Glover
Sydni GloverTITLE
Wes Hadlock
Wes HadlockTITLE